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About Us

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Welcome to Smart Pro Exim, established in the year 2020,

a dream that came true with the effort of bringing positive change to our society. We at Smart Pro Exim thrive with a fundamental belief of working towards conservation of our nature.

The important facts about areca leaf plate exports are, Indian products are very impressive. Our Areca leaf Dinnerware is used for many purposes. These elegant, customized disposable Areca plates made from Areca leaves are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable plates. These biodegradable areca leaf plates are a natural and can be re-useable resource.

Areca leaf products are natural alternate to polymer/paper/plastics/ based products, about which the entire globe is concerned about. The fallen leaves are used to make plates and other products without chopping the trees.

Smart Pro Exim, today are proud to be one of the leading suppliers/Exporters of Areca leaf products to various parts of the world. By the means of encouraging the usage of 100% biodegradable Areca products, a promising nature friendly alternative to plastics & paper products.

Advantages of Palm Areca Products:

✔ 100% Natural, eco-friendly
✔ 100% Biodegradable
✔ 100% Chemical Free
✔ Zero Trees Cut while Manufacturing
✔ Microwave & Refrigerator Safe
✔ Sturdy to Use


Our motto is better nature better future.

The entire range of products are in high demand and used across various industries, like Hotels, confectionery, food, parties etc. We offer products to our clients spread all across the globe at an affordable price in the market.

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter and traders in the industry. We, a team of enthusiasts working hand-in-hand with farmers, from procurement of leaves to manufacturing by providing better reward for their efforts. We are setting a new benchmark in the industry by providing the best products to our clients internationally.


Committed to be a highly creative & eco-friendly in product manufacturing, keeping our customers with responsive attitude. By introducing innovative products with superior quality & reliability at an affordable cost. By enhancing the organization's abilities to compete in the global market with minimal environmental impact to the society


To be a leading eco-friendly, a world class areca product manufacturer. To makes our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society and environment always happy & smile




Areca products are 100% natural palm leaf plates. After usage, it can be left to the earth where they compost. These products can also burn without the fear of releasing any toxics in to the environment.

Natural production process

The production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees or does not require any chemicals process. The end-to-end production process is natural and environmentally friendly.

Durable and natural material

The looks and functionality of the products has wood like qualities. These products are durable without bending to some extent force, it resists heat and the texture of the leaf offers aesthetic and natural looks, which keeps the food healthy and safe.


Quality Policy

We at Smart Pro Exim, are much concerned about the quality. Since our formation, we are steadily growing on the grounds of quality and innovative product range. The products are made in the most hygienic way. Making the QC inspection done for each and every product as part of the production. In addition, quality controller checks these products on varied industry parameters to make sure the quality standards are adhered. For international market, different QC standards are being followed based on the clients/market requirements.